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Introducing the ‘Shunya’ Series by PRDGY

‘Shunya’ – PRDGY’s latest creation that’s all about balancing the yin and yang of life. This isn’t just another T-shirt line; it’s a philosophical journey printed on fabric. Here’s the lowdown on our six mind-bending designs:

White Snake: Consuming red energy under a red moon, it reflects human pursuit of psychedelic experiences, often at odds with societal norms but crucial for our journeys.

Purple Panther: This one’s roaring “Vengeance is consuming us”, but chill, it’s not as ominous as it sounds. It’s about the eternal tug-of-war between our angel and devil sides. Who knew inner conflict could look this cool?

Black Snake & Skull: It’s a snake chilling with a skull, symbolizing that we’ve all got a dark side. It’s about being BFFs with your shadows. After all, everyone has a bit of a goth phase, right?

Black Panther: A black panther swiftly climbs through the woods, its bleeding paws painting leaves red. It symbolizes the relentless pursuit, regardless of the pain and sacrifice involved.

Occult Goat: Decked out in blingy gold, this goat’s not just about being the G.O.A.T. It’s a hat tip to the unsung heroes who sacrifice a lot behind the scenes. Deep, right?

Black Shiny Snake: Slithering right under the PRDGY brand, this design is your reminder that snakes aren’t just for horror flicks. They’re about grounding, awakening, and, let’s face it, they look pretty rad.

‘Shunya’: It’s Deep, It’s Dark, It’s Dope

‘Shunya’ is our shoutout to everyone who’s into looking beyond the surface. It’s about finding balance in the chaos and cherishing the beauty of darkness. So, if you’re into threads that speak to your soul (and tickle your funny bone), ‘Shunya’ is your jam. Remember, it’s not just a shirt; it’s a philosophy wrapped in some seriously cool designs. From one prodigy to another.

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